Services SKL outside the Netherlands

SKL is also active outside the Netherlands with consultancy and training concerning all aspects relating to the periodical inspection of sprayers.

SKL is actively participating the creating of harmonized standards, both for new sprayers as for the periodical inspection of sprayers in use. SKL is as expert both represented in Working Group 3 of CEN TC 144 as in the working groups of ISO TC23 SC6.

Harmonization is Europe is important for creating one European level of both quality and uniformity of inspected sprayers. Therefore is since the beginning member of the Spise Working Group, more information about SPISE can be found on the website of SPISE: 

Spreading the knowledge and experience in new EU member states is also very import, therefore SKL has participated in a EU Twinning Mission in Romania in 2005/2006 and is currently participating in a EU Twinning Mission is Serbia (SR/12/IB/AG/01)

SKL is also participating in a BTSF training organized and financed by the EU commission. This training is about the Inspection and Calibration of Application equipment for plant protection products. More information about this training can be found on the BTSF website: