Periodical inspection of Field-crop sprayers

The inspection of field-crop sprayers in the Netherlands has started on voluntary base in the end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties of last century. Since 1988 SKL has developed uniform testing standards. Since 1997 the inspections are obligatory.

SKL organizes and supervises the inspections. The inspections themselves are done by certified testing stations spread over the whole country. These testing stations have the right testing equipment to perform uniform inspections. The inspections are done by certified test-operators.

The tests are done on the base of a uniform testing standard based on EN-ISO 16122:2 (2015).

During the inspection all relevant parts of the sprayers are checked.

  1. Check on leakages
  2. Measurement of the condition of the pump
  3. Check on the functioning of the agitation
  4. Check on the spray-tank
  5. Check and measurement of all controls and measurement systems
  6. Check of condition of all lines and hoses
  7. Check on filtering
  8. Check on the spray-boom
  9. Measurement of the cross-distribution.


After a sprayer has passed the inspection with positive results, a sticker with a unique number is placed on the machine. The results of an inspection are summarized on a test-report