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A good condition of spraying equipment ensures maximum efficiency of the sprayers, reduces costly downtime, aids traceability and increases second hand value.

The cost of inspection of the sprayers is readily recovered in savings of the costs of pesticides and improved efficiency resulting from better and more consistent spray quality and resulting in better and more uniform quality crops.

A valid certificate provides evidence to the customers and the general public of the commitment of the farmers to keep the application equipment in sound, well-serviced condition.

The requirement that the sprayer is approved, well calibrated and in a well-serviced condition is a vital element in food safety certification schemes like GLOBAL-GAP.

As part of the European Directive for a Sustainable Use of Pesticides (2009/128/ec) all application equipment in the whole EU must to be inspected before the end of 2016.

With the publication of the harmonized standards in the EN-ISO16122 series for testing field-crop sprayers (part 2), air-assisted sprayers for bush and tree crops(part 3) and fixed and semi-mobile sprayers (part 4) , there is a good and uniform base for the periodical inspection of all sprayers in use.

For assistance with implementing of improving a sprayer testing scheme SKL can provide services on this area. We can offer services on the field of consultancytrainingcertification and registration.

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